We are a strategic
brand & design agency

What we believe in

By facilitating a more creative environment for us and our clients, we believe that together we can achieve greater things. It is all about enabling us and our clients to create stronger brands, better products, services and more intriguing user experiences.


What we do

Silver offers companies brand development by uniting strategy and design. We collaborate during the start of your journey, in the middle of it, in its final stages or throughout the entire process. We discover opportunities, develop ideas and we change and adopt organizations to make them reality.

Examples of product areas:

Insight Platforms
Research and Analysis
Commercial Analysis
Trend Reports
Creative Platforms
Visual Analysis

Packaging design
Brand Identity
Digital Design
Brand Platform
Brand Strategy
Portfolio Management
Communication Strategy


How we work

At Silver we have an unpretentious culture, where we recognize that the greatest work comes from co-creating with our clients. By combining strategy and design. And by opening up for creativity throughout all our, and our clients processes.

A strategic brand and design agency that enables me and my co-workers with strength and creativity:

  1. We work with you – not for you
  2. We base our work on clear values, because we know that brands with a clear purpose have the strongest growth and long-term profitability
  3. Our processes are insight-driven to enable us to identify and secure commercial opportunities for both strategy and design
  4. We use prototyping to make sure that strategies happen in reality
  5. We evaluate all our projects together with our clients
  6. We stack you up with some of the best strategists, designers, concept developers and project managers from the industry